October 2013

Some of the members, mostly grand & great-grand children of Dr. Bhuyan’s family met informally for lunch in Ajanta Bhuyan’s place on 11.10.13 to discuss about what should be the future of Dr. Bhuyan’s library, now that Bijoy Bhuyan, their uncle and the youngest son of Dr. Bhuyan was not there to look after it.

Under Bijoy Bhuyan’s care and guidance students, professors and scholars benefitted immensely from the available books, documents and journals that are stocked in the library. He was in touch with Publication Board of Assam, DHAS, National Archives of New Delhi, Cotton College Library, Kamrup Anusandhan Samiti and others to expedite any project envisaged with Dr. Bhuyan’s works. It was admitted with regret that none of the grand children and other relatives has the capability to do what Bijoy Bhuyan did. With his passing away suddenly the flow of knowledge, information and guidance from the library stopped.

To fill up this void, albeit partially, those who were present that day, felt that some steps should be taken to revive the activities of Dr. Bhuyan’s library. Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Memorial Trust / Society should be formed and pick up and continue the work from where their uncle left unfinished.

Everyone felt that some kind of legal entity should be there to the Trust or Society to deal with the future activities of Dr. Bhuyan’s library. Activities will be like ascertaining the copy right of his works, publication and re-publication of his books, appointing editors for editing his personal volumes, communicate with other publishers, newspapers, who were in touch with Bijoy Bhuyan. Arrangements for fund and monetary help / grant will have to be taken up. Preservation of photos and documents and transcripts etc. should be taken up immediately. With so much to do for the library they expressed their willingness to explore the possibility to establish a legal entity through a Trust / Society.

The family members present on that day for lunch and discussion were – Oly Bhuyan, Pradip Kumar Bhuyan, Banti, Chandan, Lonie, Bubu, Swapan, Chiron, Bubnu, Loya, Debraj and Malini. They all received this mail and they agreed to consider it as a minute of the meeting. They mailed this to their other cousins who were not present or away in distant lands to let them know about their plans. For general information the ‘Family Tree’ of Dr. S.K. Bhuyan is compiled as shown here