Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Endowment Chair in IIT Guwahati

April 2014

Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Memorial Trust has instituted a Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Endowment Chair in IIT Guwahati. Dr. Arupjyoti Saikia, Head & Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences has been appointed as the Endowment Professor of the Chair by IITG.

Dr. Arupjyoti Saikia has chalked out an academic plan which includes compilation of the complete works of Dr. Bhuyan for publication in a phased manner, and to organize an Annual Lecture to be delivered by an eminent Indian historian every year. He himself is working on writing a biography of Dr. Bhuyan and now he plans to write a History of Assam after 1947, as the endowment professor.

A full size bronze statue of Dr. S.K Bhuyan for Gauhati University

May 2014

The Gauhati University expressed its desire to install a full-size bronze statue of Dr. S.K. Bhuyan in its campus. The Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Memorial Trust readily agreed to install the statue. Very recently Shri Gautam Pal of Kolkata the topmost sculptor of India was commissioned to make a nine feet bronze statue of Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan. The work has already started.

            Gautam pal