November 2013

The fourth generation family members like Loya, Roon, Debraj pointed out that in spite of being a global personality there was practically nothing or very little about Dr. Bhuyan in the net and absolutely nothing in the Wikipedia. They were going ahead with starting a web-page in the name of Dr. Bhuyan – – where among other things an archive will be there where all Dr. Bhuyan’s speeches, prefaces, photos, letters, articles, bulletins etc. will be uploaded which people will access whenever they need to refer to Dr. Bhuyan’s works. Of course, this concept needs further development.

For this and other activities for Dr. Bhuyan’s library Pradip Kr. Bhuyan has offered space, money, equipments and manpower. A 14’x16’ room is allotted in the new school building of Faculty H.S. School, North Guwahati for this purpose. Fund is sanctioned for immediate purchase of computer(s), high resolution scanner and printer also furniture. For future activities like editing and publications some fund can be transferred to the Trust / Society formed.

These exercises will ensure the continuity of Dr. Bhuyan’s library for a long time to come. Even if this generation is not there the next generation can look after the Library and the other responsibilities entrusted to them with the help of the school.

The Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Memorial Trust formed

January 2014

On 29.1.2014, Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Memorial Trust was formed by the grand and great-grand children of Dr. Bhuyan with Prof. Ranjit Kumar Dev Goswami of Deptt. of English, Gauhati University, Md. Akdas Ali Mir, prominent writer and Senior Advocate of Gauhati High Court and Shri Sapnanil Barua, IAS as Trustees and advisors on request. Ajant Bhuyan is to officiate as the Managing Trustee of the Trust.

The Trust has taken up many plans and programmes for the next five years like compilation and publication of all the works of Dr. S.K.Bhuyan in several volumes under the title “Complete Works of Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan”, erect statues of Dr. S.K.Bhuyan in prominent places with co-operation of institutions and the Government; take up translation of some of his books into English and other languages in India for publications; launch a web-page on Dr. S.K. Bhuyan with as much information as possible.

A bust and a full size painting of Dr. S.K.Bhuyan for Cotton College Library

February 2014

Principal, Cotton College, Guwahati, accepted the proposal of Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan Memorial Trust to install a bronze bust infront of Cotton College Library and a full size painting of Dr. Suryya Kumar Bhuyan for the Cotton College Library Hall. The Trust member has been placed under the guidance of Ms. Zubeen Ahmed, Librarian, Dr. S.K. Bhuyan Library, Cotton College for execution of the proposal.

Recently members of the Trust commissioned the work of a full-size painting of Dr. S. K. Bhuyan to Wasim Riaz Kapoor, India’s foremost portrait painter based in Kolkata.

       Wasim Riaz Kapoor

Gopal Krishna Gokhale translated in to Marathi

March 2014

Translation into Marathi of “Gopal Krishna Gokhale” (1916) of Dr. S.K. Bhuyan was commissioned by the Trust to Smti. Vidya Sarma, who already made a niche for herself by translating Ms. Reeta Choudhury’s “Makam” into Marathi and won the ‘G.A. Kulkarni Award for Translation’ for her excellent work from Goa Hindu Association of Bombay. Translation of Dr. Bhuyan’s ‘Gopal Krishna Gokhale’ is specifically done on the request of Pune based organization “Sharhad” for the death centenary celebration (1915 – 2015) of G.K. Gokhale (This book by Dr. S.K. Bhuyan being the first one in India to be written on Gopal Krishna Gokhale was published in 1916, just one year after Gokhale’s death. Gokhale’s grandson Sunil Gokhale has also shown a lot of interest in publication of the translated version). The organization ‘Sharhad’ under the able guidance of its President Shri Sanjay Nahar published and released the Marathi translation of Dr. Bhuyan’s “Lachit Barphukan & His Times” in August 2013 and named it “Assam cha Shivaji”. They invited Banti Bhuyan, granddaughter of Dr. Bhuyan to release the book in a very grand function, held in Pune.